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What is aGobo? A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc, and found in lighting to create a projected image or pattern. The word Gobo is short for “Go Between Optics”, describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a wedding gobo. Whilst Gobo’s are not a new technology these are still being used on events around the world. In today’s event market they may have taken on a far more creative role as technology advances enable more descriptive and impressive shapes to be created.

Gobo’s come in two main types; steel and glass. Steel gobos are extremely basic, generally have a quick lifespan and they are typically described as “black and white”. Glass gobo’s are more detailed, generally have an extended life span and are typically described as “coloured”. There is an emerging third type of Gobo, which is designed specifically for LED fixtures, and is made of plastic.

Gobo’s come in various diameters, starting from approx 20mm through to approx 150mm. The diameter of any gobo is dictated from the fixture, so it is crucial to make sure you really know what fixture the gobo needs to be used in before manufacture. If used in a static fixture, the projected image is going to be stationary, however, if set up in an intelligent fixture the photo could be moved anywhere across the event space.

What events are Gobo’s utilized on? Events including gala dinners, product launches, award ceremonies use gobo’s to aid the event branding and also to provide visual interest. A growing trend in weddings is to to utilize ornate glass Gobo’s featuring the bride and grooms name or initials that is presented as a keep sake through the event.

What exactly is necessary for a customised Gobo? A few specific products are needed for an effective gobo display:

Profile Fixture: a profile light which was created to have a gobo in their custom gobo is needed to focus and zoom the gobo.

Gobo Holder: a particular accessory that supports the gobo set up is required for insertion to the profile light.

Projection Surface: a passionate surface such as a wall or drape upon in which the gobo is projected upon is needed.

A Gobo is actually a physical template, most often on steel or glass, which can be placed before a mild source to alter the design in the light onto a surface. Deriving its name from “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics”, this piece of metal or glass is used to bar portions of the lighting source. Bat-signal_1989_filmCustom gobos permit you to display words, logos, shapes, and patterns on the wall, floor, ceiling, or other large flat space within your venue. They may be usually used before a static source of light rxziif as a leko and are placed in a gobo holder to keep the gobo in place in the light.

A great demonstration of this kind of light projection is definitely the bat-signal shown inside the Batman films and comic books. The bat-signal features a circular light shining within the sky having an opaque Batman logo preventing light from shining through it, resulting in a circular light in the sky with the Batman logo cut out of it.

Why would you use a gobo? A glass gobo is an efficient option to banners and signage on corporate events, providing something visually different for your audience to soak up. They could also be used to produce patterns, imagery and shapes to support the big event theme. Have a look at some images below of gobo’s of all shapes and sizes.